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As Mr. Doostzadeh admits, Nafisi in no way wrote that Nizami was an ethnic Persian, and alternatively picking “Iranian poet”, that's in many ways more acceptable than “ethnic Persian poet”. Considering that Nizami’s will work continue to be only in Farsi (but at least 90% of his Divan is misplaced, where non-Farsi verses might have been), and he surely belonged on the Iranian/Persian cultural space, it truly is no shock that an Iranian poet and expert would simply call Nizami as an Iranian – Particularly due to the fact “Azerbaijan(i)” was somewhat of a taboo in Iran then and now, This is a countrywide policy to belittle and deny its history.

Alexander is Greek/Roman (and don't go into that macedonian argument due to the fact to Nizami he was Greek). Lili o Majnoon is Arab Tale. So Nizami includes a relationship to Anyone and is common. If there was anything else that could make his ethnicity clearer, then scholars might have previously shown it. So we won't ever know greater than this with certainty. BTW I even have PhD and allows not create ethnic based mostly articles after which you can seek advice from it in Wikipedia. I say allows honor Nezami in place of battling. His poetry basically speaks for alone with regards for the culture he belonged to. Else fairly shortly Iranians, Armenians, and people from your Azarbaijani republic and Kurds also will probably be bickering. I have found quite a few english translations of Nizami's verses (with no ethnic nature While clearly about Iranian Sassanid folklore) which i will put up before long on this page. --Ali doostzadeh 05:36, 24 May possibly 2006 (UTC)

What Mr. Baguirov won't know is Ibn-e-Wazih Ya'qubi and Baladhuri have put a sizable Element of Georgian, Arran and also other components as Armenia. This is the couple among several and what is significant below would be that the scholarly Local community has not disagreed relating to this actuality considering that a minimum of 1988!

نخستين نويسنده‌ي پان‌تركيست مي‌نويسد: «يكي ازاسناد مهمي كه ازحضور اقوام ترك زبان درآذربايجان پيش از اسلام حكايت دارد "اخبار عبدين شريه" [در متن چنين است] است. عبيد در دوره جاهليت در يمن به دنيا آمده و يكي ازمعمرين و جهانديدگان دوره خلافت معاويه بوده است. معاويه اورا به دمشق دعوت كرد و از اخبار عرب و ملوك آن قوم جويا شد و وي به پرسش‌هاي معاويه پاسخ داد. به دستور معاويه اخبار او تدوين گرديد […] درجريان گفتگوي عبيد با معاويه دوبار ازآذربايجان سخن به ميان آمده است.

two) Again I emphasize, the person does not understand that Iranians can read Persian language of twelfth century with Nearly no trouble. Even the Persian language of Fedowsi and Rudaki are examine without any problem. Fashionable Persian in essence has transformed little Because the Arabic invasion and its acquire. Nizamis getting born under the Seljuqids won't suggest nearly anything as million of other Iranians have been born in it. The consumer also won't know a little something about Iraq which I am pressured to inform him. In Persian literature, the phrase Iraq is accustomed to check with two lands.

Those various USSR scholars With regards to ethnicity do not need Significantly benefit and what matters is just what the scholars are declaring today.

It can be expressing that you'll be acting like a slave rather than a master. Once more this has very little to try and do with Nizami's ethnicity.

Why identify Obviously foreign Jewish and Christian religions and place the Pehlevi, and that is speculated to be the faith of his forefathers, In line with Persian chauvinists, on the same line? It doesn't make sense – it’s similar to Shakespeare crafting that he conducted his analysis in French, Swedish and …. English, and that he consulted Muslim, Jewish and Christian. Whenever we produce our resumes or CVs during the United states or British isles, do we truly put English language proficiency on it from the segment of languages?

Simply because even when there is a manuscript more mature than it, it does not immediately 100% refute it, considering the fact that many manuscripts could have been extant. So that is definitely why we make use of the phrase Potentially. Whether or not some scholars dismiss it, some scholars have employed phrases "Possibly", "could have been","it's possible." .

Also, Mr. Doostzadeh really should realize that the best advisor, correct hand and official to visit this web-site Stalin and all other Soviet leaders until eventually nineteen seventies was Anastas Mikoyan, an ethnic Armenian who fought and killed Azerbaijanis in the initial quarter in the twentieth century. Mikoyan held many significant-position positions, which include as leader of Azerbaijan. Also, Mr. Doostzadeh would not know, which the leaders of Azerbaijan (1st Secretary in the Communist Social gathering) in 1920, 1926-1929, and 1933 have been ethnic Armenians (and in between of those years, it were normally ethnic Russians). So whilst it’s nice to discover Mr. Doostzadeh so worried and senseless from your legendary qualities of small Azerbaijan, they do not correspond to realities.

Eventually, the phrase Persian language poet as an alternative to Persian poet is not utilized and the proper expression is Persian poet. Nizami is indeed these days alive via his function and so that is certainly in truth the genuine mother nature of Nizami. Since a Persian poet implies greater than ethnicity and it means society at the same time.

BTW I'd extra several of Nizamis poetry unrelated to ethnicity and you deleted it. This can be unacceptable as the primary stage from the post is to jot down about Nizami. Other people have agreed as well.

38) As in his usual regime, Mr. Baguirov promises: There is totally no evidence that Zoroaster was ethnic Persian, and It's not necessarily entirely obvious he might have been Iranian – in reality, we don’t know of course when he lived, which century, and tiny continues to be of his preaching.

39) Mr. Baguirov mentions: Turkic individuals had been in majority by the point of Nizami in Ganja, Beyleqan, Barda – and I’ve provided sufficient impartial estimates in that respect. This can be an psychological statement. Has he taken any census and the place may be the trusted quotes inside their precise language!? Certainly how can a person discount Arabic resources which assert the language of the realm was Persian, Arabic, Armenian and Albanian?

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